Saturday, 12 September 2020


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 so hello friends welcome back again to so today I got news related to pubg mobile and pubg mobile lite ban in India that pubg will get unbanned in India


so is this news real or fake? that we will discuss in this post and also there is a piece of good news for you guys in this post and also there is a piece of bad news related to pubg mobile unban in India ! so watch till the end there is important stuff for you guys in this post also (intro starts) so guys before starting the post if you are new to the blog do subscribe as we are very close to 1k subscribers so help me reach there! and we will set the like target to be 50 likes so do not forget to like and do comment! for sure! if you have any news related to pubg mobile unban guys you must have heard recently about the news of Tencent facing heavy losses of about 34 billion dollars! OMG! which is 2% of the company's total value! which is a very huge loss for the company so if you open pubg now if it is still working and go to purchase UC option you will notice you can not purchase uc as pubg is removed from the play store. 

and is banned in india so uc market of tencent has gone drastically downwards! and they are facing huge loss and when tencent heard about this loss they reacted quickly after pubg ban in india 2020 they held a meeting to discuss what they could do next! and the results of discussion was that they will update their user privacy policy and will unban pubg in india and they contacted indian government also but indian government simply rejected their appeal because privacy policy wont effect the chinese app ban as pubg is still in collaboration with china! and chinese apps are totally banned in india and now you can see pubg is removed from playstore also! so this is really a bad news for pubg lovers in india but i also came across one post today which state that pubg will end their partnership with tencent and pubg will return news is only 1 hour old! but if you check officially on twitter pubg mobile India handle. 

so you can see here the last post is on 13th July and not of today i.e 6th September so this post is totally fake and is just a scam first of all pubg cant simply break their bond with Tencent as Tencent contribution is huge! and is not just 10% its much more pubg mobile is developed completely (70-80%) by Tencent also in case of pubg pc contribution is none! so the partnership cannot end simply by signing and if such case arises it will surely take the time of 2-3 months at least not 7 days which rumors says! so all this news are also fake but still, Tencent faced heavy loss and they are having important discussion and meetings to unban pubg in India so do not take tension chances are high that pubg will return but not soon! obviously so we need to be ready for this! the game will return as it is as you guys left your account but we need to wait! also, there was a news that Gameloft will take place of Tencent in pubg mobile and this news is real shit for me lol! because Gameloft was already in partnership of pubg mobile before pubg ban in India and they are still partners so this news is also 100% fake and if you search on google also you can find Gameloft is already a partner of pubg mobile as a cloud manager which means the profile data which gets stored on the cloud was handled by Gameloft. 

so Gameloft is earning with pubg mobile also you can see clearly on the news available everywhere and please do not believe all these fake news! Gameloft is already a partner and won't overthrow Tencent and pubg will return that's not the case so Tencent is not going anywhere fake rumors are at peak towards! also, pubg is not permanently banned in India its similar to the Pakistan pubg ban so this ban is temporary if the tension at the border does not reduce and if china stops its weird acts pubg won't be back but still pubg can launch a special pubg Indian version like pubg Korean for Korea which will surely take time to implement cod also ended their partnership with Tencent and are safe! but for pubg the conditions are not as simple as of cod mobile so we can expect at least a 1-month minimum for pubg to return and please try to find some alternative of pubg if possible for now! i also want pubg to return!

 but we can't do anything! so guys thanks for watching (pubg unban in India full news fake or real)

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