Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Mi 10 Lite 5G - Review , Unboxing And First Look

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Mi 10 Lite 5G - Review , Unboxing And First Look
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 the mi 10 lite is one of the most underrated phones for 2020. Mi 10 Lite 5G - Review and Unboxing

why did I say so finding out more inside and by the way I'm using the meteor light right now to take this video hi I'm mitch002of Xiaomi review join me as I explore the v10 live 5gso guys before we proceed with our review let me thank banggood for sponsoring this phone for everything gadget that you need go and check out a good downloadable from your google play store or your apple app store check them out banggood.comi's been using this phone for quite a month already and I'm impressed with its specs it's performance right now I'll be giving you five reasons why you should consider this phone as your next daily driver there's not a lot of Xiaomi phones that supports 5g in a global version cup it off the mi 10 pros the mi10 and nothing else this one the mi 10knight 5g is one of the cheapest Xiaomi. 

that has the 5g connection and it's global ready it has n1 connection entry n7m28 n77 and n78 unlike the one from china it's just n7a remember the time when the first came around and there was so many confusion around what's gonna work in your country or what'snot going to work there's the FDD there's a TDD it's really really confusing right now it's probably the same in the5gthose bands and 1 and 2 and 3 andwhatever it isit's so confusing and yet5g is not readily available yet in myhome countryi don't know about yours but what i cansay is thatit's future proof second reason isthe main camera it has a 40 mpmain shooter coupled with the 8mpultrawide sensorthen of course there's the 2mp depthsensor and the 2mpmacro lens despite it's just 48 mpit captures great great photos like thisonetaking a quick selfie like this one ilook greatcheck it out now the third reason why ihighly recommend this phone is that it'sveryvery light it only weighs 192 gramsimagineit's so light on the pocket the lasttime i held the phone this light isprobably. 

the me fivethat was ages ago and yeah i really likesomething light in my pocket and thisone really captivates my heartthe weight of the phone the fourthreasonis that it sports the qualcomm snapdragon 765 gthis is a gaming processor and probablythehighest among the seven series normallywe see the snapdragon 720gand the 730g which is very veryprominentin xiaomi phones there is the redminote 9s and there is the mino 10 linesporting this two processor butthey are not as powerful as this onein the snapdragon 6 and snapdragon 765gis a performer both in multitasking ingamingand of course for daily use and it'svery very battery efficient after usingfor quite a monthi can say this one lasts me throughoutthe day for normaltexting for normal browsing watchingyoutubeplay a little casual game at the end ofthe day i stillhave roughly 35 of battery aftera day of use isn't that greatand the fifth reason why i like thisphone is that it'scheap the price is very very budgetfriendlyfor only fifteen thousand seven hundredpesos for the six gig of ram64 storage variant i can seerough play around 320 it'sreally really pocket friendly and it's readily available at banggood and youcan reallycheck. 

the description box below i'llpost everything where you can buy thisthe color variant and speaking of thecolor variant it came inthree colors aurora blue space gray anddream white now this phone can take veryvery steady videosand i'll show it to you hereone of the main things i look inside thephone is the camera the camera is reallya performeri don't mind if it's just a 48 mb a 32mp a 64 mpeven it's not 108 mp as long as goodphotosi'm okay with it i'm always after nicephotos the one that is crispgood quality and very very realisticnow this phone also comes with a 4 160milliamp hours battery which isnot that big that's probably the onlyreasonthat i don't like about this phone isthe small battery but it can chargeup to 20 watts based on my rating itrates up to 22 watts of fast chargingwhich is not bad for snapdragon 765 git can charge faster but of coursexiaomi has tolimit it because of its price nowchecking the in-screen fingerprintscannerit's really fast that's that's what ican sayit's really really freaking fast andthis phone ships with the miui 12 i'vebeen using miuisince miui 4 and 5 right now it'salready on the 12 iteration andi can say this one probably is the bestmiui romever the animation the effects and ofcourse the easy to usefunction on this phone now let's check alittle gaming on this phone i've beenplaying nba 2020 for quite a monthalready almost daily on this phone and i can saygamingis nice the graphic is nice the ammonitedisplays is reallyreally crisp and playing this gamei can see it's loud the loudspeaker isfiring out quiteloud and yeah. 

check this outcan you hear the commentator it's prettyloud i unplugged my microphone andjust recorded using the nativemicrophone so right now just show yousome benchmarkthat i'm proud of the mi 10 lite 5g hasa 322 000points which is probably can match thatof the snapdragon 845 back thenit has flagship like powersplaying all the games like mobilelegends pubgcall of duty hungry sharks every singlegamethat i mentioned runs smoothly on thisphonenow before we conclude everything let'sjust check what'sinside this box so it has a black boxsimilar to that of the me note 10 andamino 10 liteand the me 10 pro 5ginside this small box you have the simejector toolthen we have the user manual the softjelly case the charging cable usb type-cand your 22.5 watts charging brick nowguys what can you say about this phonethe me10 like 5g i'm quite impressed with thisonelike i told you i've been using it for amonth and as my daily driverand i'm quite impressed taking a lot ofphotos taking a lot of videosand non-stop posting on social media thephotos that i've taken on this oneit's really really good stuff the onlyproblem isit's not being recognized as one of thegood phones out thereand if you're going to ask me if i willcontinue using this as my daily drivermy answer is yes definitelya. 

big yes now guys if you want me to review on something that you want from Xiaomi comment on the comment section below and let me hear you out once again want to thank our friends from Banggood for sponsoring this phone for us to review and really can tell you it's one of the underrated phones for this year so don't forget to subscribe hit that bell icon so you don't miss any of my future reviews hereat Xiaomi review and check out awesome deals from their sale this September and I'm mitching dobolotuand I'll catch you on my next video

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