Saturday, 12 September 2020

FAU-G Game Latest News

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FAU-G Game Latest News
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Hello friends, Welcome back to my blog how are you all So brother, here comes the big update related to Tiktok. What is news you will know... The second update is related to PUBG. 

FAUGI game latest news

Copy of PUBG which is a made in India game. Let's know about him. before the post goes ahead, do like it. My name is "kk" and you are watching  "" So brother, to buy Japanese company Softbank TikTok... is actively looking for Indian partners. During the last one month, Softbank has launched Reliance's Jio Infocomm Limited... and has also spoken with the heads of Bharti Airtel Limited. Let us tell you that SoftBank has a stake in TikTok parent company BiteDance Limited. Due to National Security, many countries including India TikTok is banned. Softbank, ByteDance, Reliance, and Bharti Airtel declined to comment about this. Chinese companies are suffering huge losses due to India's ban on 59 Chinese apps. Parent company due to ban of TikTok app in many countries including India... ByteDance has incurred huge losses. 

To make up for the loss after the ban... ByteDance is considering restructuring the company. China banning 59 apps from China to the same Chinese company... there is a possibility of a loss of 45 thousand crores. This company is the mother company of TikTok and Hello. According to the Chinese newspaper Global Times, ByteDance could suffer a loss of $ 6 billion. Now we come to the next update which is related to PUBG. 118 mobile apps including PUBG Mobile have been banned, However, the PC version of PUBG can be played in India right now. At the same time pubs are banned, The teaser of the Made in India multiplayer gaming app FAUG has been released. Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar has announced it. He has given information about it by tweeting. There is no specific information about this game at the moment, But according to reports, like PUBG, the FAUG game will also be multiplayer. The game will be released by the Bangalore-based company nCORE Games. There is currently no information about the launch date of the FAUG game. According to Akshay Kumar's tweet, 20% of the earnings from this game will go to Veer Trust of India. 'Veer of India' is an organization dedicated to army soldiers, Which has been established by the Ministry of Home Affairs. GOQii CEO Vishal Gondal described FAUG as part of self-sufficient India.  

FAUG will be introduced for both Android and iOS platforms. The full name of the game will be Fearless and United: Guards (FAU-G). The playing character of this game will be from the Indian Air Force. The game is expected to be launched by the end of October. This was just an update, please tell us in the comment section how the post looked… if there is any support or suggestion related to this post, then you can feel free to comment on us… Like the post and share it, if you are watching us for the first time, then along with subscribing to the channel, press the bell icon so that similar important and the funny post can be found. if you are watching me on Facebook, then please like the post and follow the page. for now, let me get respect with a new funny post, till then take care of yourself and your family. Jai Hind, Jai Bharat 

FAU-G Game Play, Launch date, and details

today we will be talking about Fau-G it does not mean talking about some soldier here I will be talking about the PUBG alternative game which is known as Fau-G and it is made in India. 

so the video is going to be very interesting do watch it till the end so without any further a due let's GET STARTED recently Indian government banned a lot of applications just like TikTok many others, but recently even PUBG has been banned, even some other games or apps along with PUBG has been banned the main problem is the people who used to play PUBG and if it is installed in your device few of them can still play while for few it has already banned but the main thing is that you won't find any PUBG app in the play store but also in the name of alternative there are a lot more apps but its graphics is not that good as it was in PUBG.


so there might definitely be a question by your side that except for PUBG what do we play so there is a game related to PUBG known as Fau-G which might be launching soon which will be made in India whose first poster has been released almost which can be seen in Instagram or twitter which has been developed by N Core gamers and the main thing is that this is not some fake news because Akshay Kumar has posted it on both Twitter and Instagram, here you can see that it is official Akshay Kumar's account in which it has been posted so for sure it won't be any fake news, whatever Fau-G GAME it is going to be very good because if you see the poster over here plus if you read the caption also then it is written as  (caption reading) by this one thing is clear that by playing Fau-G whatever they might get the profit among that 20 % is going to be donated to our soldiers this is the best thing here until now its launch date has not been confirmed as soon as it is confirmed. 

all the details will be provided on my channel by looking at the poster's first look you will definitely get the feel of COD also by looking at the graphics it seems to be very good also all your opinion regarding Fau-G do tell me in the comment section below so I hope you enjoyed this video don't forget to like share and comment and share it with your friends who want to know about this I will see you all in my next video until then BYE

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